PTC Welcomes News of Fox Broadcasting’s Cancellation of “Dads”

Written by PTC | Published May 8, 2014

DadsLOS ANGELES (May 8, 2014) – The Parents Television Council welcomed the news that Fox Broadcasting cancelled “Dads” after one season, calling it a victory for families.

“We are heartened that Fox Broadcasting has cancelled ‘Dads’, a program containing material that may have violated the FCC’s legal standards for broadcast indecency. Clearly, this is a victory for families. The program, which aired during early evening hours when children are likely to be in the viewing audience, featured references to and depiction of semen, as well as references to masturbation, resulting in the filing of formal indecency complaints by PTC members and other concerned Americans,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “While the FCC must still act on those outstanding complaints, it is clear that ‘Dads’ crossed a line and suffered the ultimate fate as a result. We urge Fox Broadcasting to replace ‘Dads’ with programming that appeals to a family audience – a vast market that is woefully underserved by the current broadcast TV environment. “Family-quality programming doesn’t just benefit families. It is also more profitable for the corporate sponsors who advertise on the broadcast networks, as has been repeatedly demonstrated by academic and corporate marketing research. “Removing this program from the airwaves is a positive step. We hope the programming team at Fox will take that additional step forward by replacing ‘Dads’ with material that truly serves the public’s interest, as required by their stations’ broadcast licenses,” concluded Winter.

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