PTC’s “4 Every Girl” Partners with Plaid for Women’s “No Mean Girls” Campaign

Written by PTC | Published March 19, 2015


The Parents Television Council announced its partnership with Plaid for Women on the launch of its “No Mean Girls” Campaign.

“I am proud to announce our partnership with Plaid’s ‘No Mean Girls’ Campaign. Plaid’s message of helping women achieve goals, get connected and be heard is something the PTC supports and encourages others to do the same through our ‘4 Every Girl’ Campaign,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Over the course of my twenty year career in the entertainment industry, I became increasingly disheartened by Hollywood’s sexualization and marginalization of women and girls. The PTC has conducted research that shows that sexualization of girls and women is pervasive in the entertainment media, and we formed ‘4 Every Girl’ a few years ago to help combat those negative and harmful images. It is an honor and a pleasure to join Plaid’s ‘No Mean Girls’ initiative as we work to bring positive change to the lives of girls across our nation.” “The ‘No Mean Girls’ Campaign was launched to stop the psychological warfare we aim at one another via being 'mean girls' and instead use our superpowers for good,” said Shivaun Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Plaid for Women. The partnership will be formally announced at Plaid for Women’s second annual “An Evening with Great Women” event on March 19 in Fort Worth, Texas. The Parents Television Council will be posting monthly blog articles at Plaid for Women, Inc. is a media and blogging site for women that provides information and resources to manage ‘the business of life’. Whether a woman runs a business, a household, a team or a 5k, Plaid for Women has something to offer, online or in person. Discover more at The Parents Television Council’s 4 Every Girl Campaign seeks to call attention to and reverse the sexualized media messages that are having a devastating impact on young girls. (

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