Some Positive Commercials Airing at Super Bowl 50

Written by PTC | Published February 2, 2016

sb_2016 Here are some of the most positive and family-friendly Super Bowl commercials set to air this coming weekend. Super Bowl 50 is set to air on CBS February 7th. This game will be the first Super Bowl held in the San Francisco Bay area since January 1985. It has been dubbed as the Golden Super Bowl because it will be located in the Golden State of California, and because it celebrates its “golden anniversary” 50th year. Some people watch the Super Bowl for the love of the game, while others watch simply for the commercials. The commercials are a big attraction and have been known to start trends in the past. And why wouldn’t they, when CBS’s asking price for a 30-second commercial is $5 million? With an expected Super Bowl viewership of over 100 million, we at the PTC applaud advertisers who use this time to promote their product responsibly and without the tired gimmick of using sex and scantily-clad women to sell their product. Below are some of the best commercials to look forward to. AUTOMOTIVE With the hashtag #DefyLabels, BMW Mini teams up with tennis star Serena Willliams, who gives an inspiring quote: “No one can define you. Only you can define you.” ONLINE SERVICES Website builder has partnered with DreamWorks Animation, the animators behind Shrek and Madagascar. Under the hashtag #StartStunning, the 30-second ad will promote the upcoming release of PTC family-friendly approved movie, Kung Fu Panda 3 by showing the ease of creating a website using Wix. PACKAGED GOODS A 30-second public service announcement from Colgate encourages viewers to save water by turning off their faucets when brushing. This commercial will air during the 2-minute warning before the second half of the game. ADULT BEVERAGE Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser offer a positive message encouraging responsible drinking. Helen Mirren is shown in this one-minute commercial, disgracing those who choose to drink and drive. The commercial ends with a #GiveADamn slogan. GAMING With a “can do” attitude, this year will feature the first Pokemon Super Bowl commercial, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their first Nintendo games, “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green.” Leave us your thoughts! Comment below what you think of these commercials or some of the other commercial you see during the "Big Game"!

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