Stop These Companies from Sponsoring "Dating Naked"

Written by PTC | Published July 7, 2016

momCoveringEyes_JPG Take Action Now to Tell These Sponsors to Stop Underwriting Filth VH1’s sleazy reality dating show Dating Naked aired again last night, but MOST of the advertisers we contacted after last week’s season premiere did NOT return for the second week! Nevertheless, this is not an easy fight. Two major sponsors, Sprint and Samsung, still decided to support the show despite being warned about the content on Dating Naked. If you haven’t heard, Dating Naked is an hour long reality series in which completely naked strangers meet and “date” each other while drinking and talking non-stop about sex and their private parts. Even more outrageous is that VH1 has rated the content appropriate for children as young as 14! Take Action Now! Contact Sprint and Samsung and let them know that THEIR support for indecent programming like Dating Naked will influence YOUR decisions as a consumer. We Need Your Help Today! VH1 will not stop airing Dating Naked until it becomes too costly for them to keep it on the air. That is, when advertisers have told them, “Enough! We don’t want to align our corporate brands with this!” That’s why we need you to take action immediately! Advertisers need to hear from you. They need to know that they cannot sponsor content like this without risk of losing the support of customers like you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! As of the July 14 airing, Sprint and Samsung both appear to have stopped advertising on "Dating Naked"

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