Ten Educational Apps For Your Child

Written by PTC | Published July 24, 2017

As the popularity of smartphones has grown, so has the popularity of various apps. Here’s a rundown of the best apps for children.

Are your children asking for permission to install some interesting and funny apps? If so, that’s great! This organic interest comes from children’s unstoppable desire to explore the world. But it’s up to parents to make this process both helpful and entertaining. So here’s an overview of Top 10 educational apps your kid might be excited about.
  1. Operation Math
Inspire your future Einstein and get involved with your kid in making this world a safer place to live. Players (you and your child) have to beat evil devices by choosing the right weapon -- math facts. The tasks grow more complicated with each level. This games develops your child’s logic skills, and can also help build up a kinder, more altruistic personality. The game also increases family bonding. 2. Dino Walk This app allows kids to plunge into a universe of animals, from the Jurassic period to the present day, and allows them observe how they evolved from dinosaurs to present-day mammals, all accompanied by bright visuals. Don’t be surprised if your kid wants to become a paleontologist! 3. Learn Algebra Algebra is a difficult subject for many children, and this app is a good tool for practicing math skills. The process of leaning algebra is made easier, and even enjoyable, with this app. 4. Kidgy Do you know why Margaret Thatcher made a difference in the world? Because she did the homework assigned by her father. He asked her to read a particular book and then they discussed it together. Kidgy’s Scheduler feature creates a special intellectual bond between parents and kids, bya llowing a parent to assign his or her child a task. The app then watches over its completion, and helps the child along the way (if necessary). The parent can then discuss the task and the child’s process in solving it. Kidgy also helps parents control leisure hours on the Internet by blocking online activity and substituting study. Parents can also track their kid’s location with the GPS tracking feature. Kidgy cultivates kids’ responsibility and accountability, which helps them prepare both for school, and for adult life. 5. BrainPop Kids adore visual effects and funny items. BrainPop provides a good app for little science geeks who annoy their parents with the question: “Why?” If social studies, science, and math are your kid’s thing, BrainPop will help. It also sends a movie of the day with funny characters to learn from. 6. MyHomework MyHomework is a very useful tool for children who strive for high performance at school. This app helps students be aware of current assignments, upcoming exams or tests schedules, and provides information necessary to do homework. Users can also join the app community, where many teachers are present. This app encourages good relationships with teachers – a good experience for future social interactions. 7. Khan Academy This app assists in a kid’s educational process simply by tracking lesson material simultaneously with the child’s current coursework. It is a powerful tool in terms of saving time and effort. The app provides helpful videos, interactive exercises, and tracks the child’s educational progress. 8. MindSnacks This is a great app for learning foreign languages. A funny character keeps the kid’s interest, and the user has to learn new words to keep playing. The app uses learning techniques which help with grammar, vocabulary, and context. At the end of a single game, a child will be able to say a few words in Spanish, or one of six other languages including French, Italian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin. 9. Presidents vs. Aliens Many kids are fascinated by America’s presidents, and are passionate about events connected with them. This easy and fun-to-play app fuels that interest by allowing the player to put our former heads of state in the correct order. Who knows, maybe a future president is on the way? 10. Science360 With this app, young geniuses can access the latest news in science and engineering from leading scientists and universities all over the world. If your kid is a fan of the National Science Foundation, they will find all current news in the field. The app’s videos and images are capable of firing up and satisfying any inquisitive mind – kids and adults alike.

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