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Written by PTC | Published November 23, 2015

The Christmas Note Skillfully blending the genres of mystery and holiday special, The Christmas Note teaches the value of mutual love and support. The Christmas Note Network: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Airdate: Sunday, November 29, 2015; 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (8:00 pm Central/Mountain) Starring: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Dylan Kingwell, Leah Gibson, Greg Vaughn, Lynda Boyd Recommended age: 5+ Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green






With her soldier husband wounded and hospitalized in Germany, Gretchen Daniels returns to spend the holidays with her parents and her young son Ethan. While there, she’s interrupted by a knock at the door, and a stranger tells Gretchen that her next door neighbor’s mother has died, asking Gretchen to pass along the message. Though the neighbor, Melissa, seems cold and distant at first, a fast friendship quickly forms between the two women – a friendship that deepens when Melissa finds a letter her mother left, revealing that she gave up a child for adoption, and that Melissa has a sibling she has never met. Soon, Melissa and Gretchen are launched on a hunt to track down Melissa’s sibling…a hunt which leads them to touch the lives of many others in their small town. The Christmas Note skillfully blends the genres of mystery and touching holiday special. Over the course of the film, the characters learn the importance of friendship and family – whether biological or adoptive – and the value of mutual love and support. With its mix of mystery and inspiration, The Christmas Note is an excellent addition to Hallmark’s slate of holiday-themed movies. For its emphasis on family and friendship, the Parents Television Council is proud to award The Christmas Note with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this movie for viewers over age five. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is available on DirecTV channel 565, DISH Network 187, and most cable systems. To learn more, click here.

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