Worst TV Show of the Week: Golan the Insatiable on Fox

Written by PTC | Published June 1, 2015

Last Sunday night, the Fox broadcast network premiered their new cartoon Golan the Insatiable – a program featuring explicit violence, sexual content, sadistic imagery, and child protagonists, which is aimed at child viewers. Among other content, the episode featured the title barbarian king Golan ordering the decapitation of his enemies, which is graphically shown; urinating off a cliff as he exclaims, “It's not a good orgy if it doesn't burn after”; and bellowing at a deer in the forest, “You there, the sexy thing giving me the bedroom eyes. Tell me where I am, and I will reward you with the most forgettable copulation of your life!” Later, Golan travels to Earth, where he takes the form of an enormous demon and befriends a little girl named Dylan. During this part of the show:
  • Dylan tunnels up through her mother’s bathroom floor, interrupting her mother masturbating in the bathtub.
Mother: “Now I have to start all over again!”
  • Dylan befriends Golan. Dylan’s mother bends over to pick up a dropped plate.
Golan: “I am SO going to have sex with your Mom!”
  • A magic spell in Dylan’s book brings little girl Mackenzie’s stuffed animal to life.
Dylan: “Drown in the nightmare that is your pathetic reality, bitches!” The stuffed animals become demonic monsters. Mackenzie's stuffed dog gnaws off her hand. A stuffed unicorn graphically impales another girl. A third rips off another girl’s face. A stuffed bear bites off the head of Mackenzie’s mom. Golan laughs.
  • After the massacre of her childhood friends, Dylan lies on the grass with Golan and delightedly exclaims,
Dylan: “Oh my God, that was so awesome! I even have chunks of Mackenzie B. in my hair! I’m never washing it again.” “There are a lot of those kind of feel-good messages throughout the show,” says Golan’s co-creator Dave Jeser, who adds that Golan the Insatiable is “a family show…It felt like a great fit for animation night on Fox.” Video clips from the show can be seen here . Thankfully, Golan’s premiere met with dismal ratings. But that is no excuse for airing a graphically violent program with downright depraved content at 8:30 p.m. Central/Mountain, when millions of children are in the viewing audience – and susceptible to Golan’s gory, demonic vision of childhood. PTC President Tim Winter labeled the show “toxic for children and families,” adding that “we are calling on the network to move the program out of prime time…An explicit adult cartoon like Golan the Insatiable has no place airing at that time and place.” ______________ Burger King sponsored this program. To contact them with your concerns, click here.

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