Petition to CBS

A Petition on Behalf of America’s Children

To: Kelly Kahl, President, CBS Entertainment

Dear Mr. Kahl:

Family and children are our most precious personal and national treasures. But you violated the trust of millions of families, and exposed potentially millions of children to ugly, misogynistic content that shocks the conscience and reduces women to mere sex objects, nothing but “Wet *ss P*ssies.”

That is why I join with Parents Television Council (PTC) and my fellow PTC members to express to you my personal outrage over what you pushed onto the public airwaves via this year’s Grammy’s broadcast; and to demand that you never allow it to happen again.

You’ve turned the broadcast airwaves – which WE, the viewing public OWN – into a virtual strip club by allowing this performance.

Mr. Kahl, this programming is insidiously toxic and dangerous to impressionable young people! The broadcast was rated as appropriate for children to watch, which naturally caught many parents off-guard. Regardless of the age rating, there is no amount of warning that can mitigate the harm that messages like these send to impressionable teenaged boys and girls. In the age of #MeToo – the core principle of which brought down top executives at CBS – there can be no justification for CBS to be propagating the message that girls are nothing more than sexual objects. Not only is it the height of hypocrisy, it is morally and ethically bankrupt.