Join the effort in bringing reform to the TV Content Ratings System.

How to file a formal comment via the FCC's website:

The FCC will not accept general email comments. To be valid, you are required to file a formal comment via the FCC's website.

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Please follow these instruction carefully, to ensure your comment is accepted by the FCC:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. In the Proceeding(s) box, enter the code 19-41, just like the example below. Fill out the remaining required fields.

Step 3. Enter your comments in the text box provided. Click the Continue to review screen button.

Step 4. Lastly, review your comment and click Submit.

Here are a few talking points:
1. Graphic sex, violence and profanity is routinely rated as appropriate for children as young as 14,and even younger.

2. The deck is stacked against families –most of the people that sit on the oversight board work in the entertainment industry! Not only that, they are the same people who are rating the shows in the first place!

3. If the purpose of the TV ratings was to protect children from harmful TV content, the effect has been almost the exact opposite. TV content has gotten worse since the ratings were introduced.

4. I rely on the TV ratings for my family, but the ratings must be accurate –and they aren’t.

5. I long ago gave up on using the TV ratings to choose programming for my family, because they were so inaccurate and unreliable.

6. The only ones who have benefitted from the TV ratings –is the entertainment industry. They’ve been pumping more and more graphic sex and violence into America’s living rooms and saying that it’s okay, because “at least we rated it!”

7. Since the ratings were introduced, G-rated programming has virtually disappeared from primetime, and nothing, in the networks’ opinion, is bad enough to get an MA rating.

8. The ratings are inconsistent and unpredictable! Sometimes the same episode of the same show gets a different rating depending on what network airs it.

9. The TV industry has not been up-front about how the oversight process works. When does the TVOMB meet? How often? Where? What do they talk about? What happens when I complain about a show’s rating? Why would I file a complaint when I have no assurance that anything is going to change?

10. The entertainment ratings system is controlled by the entertainment industry itself.

Feel free to use these talking points when you file a formal comment via the FCC’s website.