John Carvelli

Advisory Board

John is a Director and EVP of the Liberty Dental group of companies. Liberty Dental is a dental managed care insurance company.

John recently completed a multi-year project as President and director of the former Lincoln Hospital Medical Center, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. The project included the management and work-out of one of the oldest and largest community clinic organizations known as Clinica Medica Familiar.

In 1996 Carvelli established Empire Pacific, LLC, a business and public affairs consulting company. Empire Pacific and affiliates, provide business and public affairs services for healthcare, financial and information technology companies.

Carvelli has been active in numerous political, legislative and campaign activities for approximately 25 years. He served as a press aide to former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey and for a member of the California State Assembly in 1986, John served as manager of a CA statewide political campaign for Lt. Governor. Carvelli was a delegate to the CA State Republican Party and is the Chairman Emeritus of the ‘400 Club of the Republican Party of Orange County.

In 1984, Carvelli received a BA degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. While in Washington, D.C., Carvelli also worked for the Republican National Committee and in The House of Representatives.

During the 1980’s, John took part in a fact-finding mission in war torn Nicaragua with the National Conservative Foundation.

John and his wife Kate and three daughters, live in Newport Beach, CA.

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