Little Demon Take Action Alert



TO: Tarun Lal, President KFC U.S. David Graves, President Pizza Hut U.S. Mark King, Chief Executive Officer Taco Bell Division


SUBJECT: Your Continued Sponsorship of “Little Demon” = Endorsement of the Content

“Among other shenanigans, the comedy… shows Laura (the mother) nude – with no pixilation. She strips down in the first episode to perform a ritual, while there are multiple instances of nudity throughout the series.” -Deadline

“We are going to keep going for it, until we are told no.” - series creator Seth Kirschner

Your ad dollars make this content possible.

And the fact that after numerous parents and grandparents reached out to YUM! about KFC ads on “Little Demon” just a couple of weeks ago, YUM! doubled-down this past week by also advertising its Taco Bell and Pizza Hut brands can only mean that YUM! endorses the vision of Seth Kirschner, and approves the content described by Deadline.

YUM! has chosen to tie its corporate identity to a show about a Wiccan mother and her antichrist love child with Satan.

YUM! endorses a program filled with satanic imagery – beheaded chickens and pentagrams -- as well as animated gore and graphic violence, like dismembered bodies and flesh melting off of human victims.

I repeat: Your ad dollars make this content possible.

I am appalled by the content of the show, and I will not support any company that chooses to underwrite this content.

If you want me as a customer, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut must side with families and against the disgusting and demonic content on “Little Demon.” If you continue to sponsor this content, I will take my business elsewhere!


Take Action. Stay Informed.