As Netflix Reports Q3 Earnings, Controversy Remains

Written by PTC | Published October 20, 2020

LOS ANGELES (October 20, 2020) – As Netflix prepares to report its Q3 earnings, the Parents Television Council issued a statement:

“Netflix is facing significant international scrutiny, including potentially thousands of subscription cancellations, over its sexually exploitative film, Cuties, and rightly so. No doubt the company will attempt to weave a dismissive narrative around the controversy when it reports its quarterly earnings today. But regardless whether NFLX earnings increase or decrease, Netflix cannot simply sweep this matter under the rug. It faces a criminal indictment from a Texas grand jury, and we are also calling for a federal investigation to determine if sexual exploitation laws were broken. Netflix must be held publicly to account for Cuties and the numerous other programs it distributes that sexualize children for the sake of entertainment,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

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