Disney’s Sexually Explicit Poor Things to be Added to Hulu Ahead of Oscars; PTC Issues Warning to Parents

Written by PTC | Published March 4, 2024

LOS ANGELES (March 4, 2024) –The Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) is warning parents that Disney Searchlight’s sexually explicit film Poor Things, will be available to watch March 7 on Disney-owned Hulu.

Poor Things is a kind of Frankenstein tale about a pregnant young woman, Bella, who commits suicide by jumping into a river. A scientist-surgeon brings her back to life by putting the unborn, but still living, baby’s brain into Bella’s adult body, making her physically a full-grown woman, but mentally an infant. Vulture describes “Bella discovering masturbation and orgasms,” as the film depicts Bella “alone in her bedroom, legs splayed, discovery rendered in those roving eyes. Then, at the dinner table, she experiments with an apple. The camera tracks closer to her face as it grows flush with pleasure until her mouth fills the screen as she heaves and moans. Next, she tries a cucumber…” Eventually, the highly sexualized Bella turns to a life of prostitution.

Poor Things follows a Frankenstein-like character, Bella, a grown woman with an infant’s brain, as she has a sexual awakening. There are frequent sex scenes with full and partial nudity, explicit language, and disturbing medical violence. Poor Things should not be watched by minors, and we are warning parents about its appearance on Disney-owned Hulu starting March 7 ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast,” said Melissa Henson, vice president, Parents Television and Media Council.

“Naturally, Poor Things has been and will continue to be celebrated by a depraved Hollywood, especially since it has been nominated for 11 Oscars. And it may even win an award or two, but not because the story is enlightening. In reality, Poor Things should have never been made by Disney’s Searchlight given the film’s highly exploitative and disturbing premise in contrast with the family-friendly Disney company reputation. Parents, beware.”

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