PTC Gives Thanks for 5 Key Developments in the Entertainment Industry

Written by PTC | Published November 20, 2023

LOS ANGELES (November 20, 2023) – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) has released its Top 5 list of key developments in the entertainment industry that families can be thankful for.

“Families are up against a lot when it comes to protecting their children from explicit content in entertainment programs and from harmful online content. But we wanted to highlight and show our appreciation for the positive developments happening in the entertainment industry, like the fact that AppleTV+ offers the largest number of TV-G-rated programming, and CBS ensured that popular streaming TV hit Yellowstone was toned down and appropriate for broadcast television. Families can be grateful for these changes, and we hope to continue to see more that benefit children and teens,” said Melissa Henson, vice president of the Parents Television and Media Council.

Here are the Top 5 Things the PTC is Thankful For:

1) Teenagers

A UCLA survey of teens and young adults found that they “think sex and romance are too prominent in TV shows and movies.” This survey sends a clear message to Hollywood that children are tired of sexual content inundating them in programs they watch. Kudos to teenagers for speaking up about their concerns!

2) AppleTV+

In the PTC’s 2023 study of streaming platforms, AppleTV+ was found to offer the largest number of TV-G rated original programming. Surveys indicate families want to watch TV together, and AppleTV+ is giving families more options than most streaming platforms, which heavily produce and distribute TV-MA-rated programming.

3) Bentkey

In response to a lack of child-friendly programming, The Daily Wire launched Bentkey, a streaming platform offering safe and appropriate children’s programming. Bentkey joins others like UP, Great American Family, INSP, Dove, Pure Flix, and Angel Studios in producing and distributing enjoyable family-friendly fare, clearly fulfilling audience demand.

4) CBS

When CBS announced it was going to bring the popular TV-MA-rated Yellowstone to its network, the PTC was concerned about how this explicit show would be transformed into one for broadcast audiences. Yet CBS ensured that it was fit for broadcast standards by toning down sex, violence, and profanity – a win for families!

5) 41 State Attorneys General

A group of 41 State Attorneys General filed a lawsuit against Meta over addictive social media platforms that are harming kids. The commitment of these attorneys general to helping to bring accountability to social media companies and, ultimately, to helping children and families, is commendable.

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