Screen Time Safety and Cyber Kindness Contract

My parents allow me screen time and access to digital technology if I use it safely and responsibly. I understand that access to digital technology is a privilege, not a right; and that privilege may be revoked if I am not responsible with these tools.

1. I will treat others online the way I want to be treated.

I will treat all other people online, whether I know them or not, with courtesy, and kindness. I understand that it is possible to disagree without disagreeable, and that I can share my opinions while still being respectful, even if others are not. I will not use profanity, vulgarity or abusive language in any online communications. I will remember that behind every online profile and avatar is a real person with real feelings, therefore I will communicate with kindness and empathy.

2. I will demonstrate integrity online.

I recognize that integrity means being the same person online and off. If I wouldn’t say it or do it in front of my parents or teachers, I have no business saying or doing it online. I will not do anything illegal or unethical online, including bullying, producing or sharing inappropriate images or illegally downloading copyrighted materials.

3. I will follow household rules with respect time limits, limits on when and where devices may be used, and what content I may access.

I agree to turn my devices over to my parent(s) or guardians at the end of the day or at the appointed time. I will not keep devices in my bedroom or use them at the dinner table. I agree to let my parents check my phone, devices and browser history whenever they feel the need. I agree to share my passwords with my parents anytime they ask.

[Additional household/family rules can be added here]




4. I will be careful not to overshare online.

I understand that revealing too much personal information online can leave me vulnerable to predatory behavior, scams, blackmail, and cyber bullying. I will not engage in private chats with strangers or share personal information with anyone I do not know in real life. I will not disclose any sensitive personal information like my home address, where I go to school or passwords. I will always ask for permission before making any online or in-app purchases and will be responsible for paying any unreasonable costs incurred by my actions.



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