Blue Bloods

Network: CBS, Paramount+
Genre: Drama
New episodes air: Friday at 10:00 PM

Production Companies: The Leonard Goldberg Company, CBS Studios

Producers: Leonard Goldberg, Brian Burns, Mitchell Burgess, Robin Green, Siobhan Byrne O'Connor, Ian Biederman, Kevin Wade, Dan Truly, Tom Selleck

Creators: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess

Blue Bloods follows the lives of the members of the Reagan family, a multi-generational NYC clan of police officers. Patriarch Henry is retired but frequently gives advice. Widowed father Frank is the newly-appointed police commissioner and struggles to lead the force with diplomacy, fairness, and integrity in the face of political pressure. Frank has two sons: Danny, an Iraq war vet turned detective who is dedicated but reckless on the job; and youngest son Jamie, a Harvard Law School grad who gave up a career in the courts to follow the family tradition and become a policeman. Frank’s daughter Erin is not a police officer, but she still has a hand in the justice system working as a district attorney. Frank’s fourth child, Joe, was killed in action doing police work, and his memory colors the family's attitudes and ideals.

Considering that the series is adult-themed with plots about police work and politics, content is mostly mild. Foul language has included the words, “crap,” “hell,” “son of a bitch,” “ass,” “damn” “whore,” and “bastard.” Violence is limited, and includes dead bodies, gunshots, fights, hostage situations, and explosions. Sex is not a problem for the series.

Blue Bloods is not recommended for viewers under age 14.





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