Bob's Burgers

Network: Fox, Hulu, FXX, Cartoon Network
Genre: Comedy, Animation
Premiere Date: Jan 9, 2011
New episodes air: Sunday at 9:00 PM

Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television

Producers: Loren Bouchard, Kimberly Smith

Creators: Loren Bouchard

This animated series revolves around eponymous burger-joint owner Bob Belcher and his loving, quirky family. In the midst of running the business, the Belchers often find themselves involved in wacky hijinks, often instigated by his rambunctious eccentric children – Tina, Louise, and Gene. Meanwhile, Bob’s eternally optimistic wife Linda provides emotional support.

Sexual content can be provocative. For instance, Linda inadvertently finds herself selling “marital aid” toys at Tupperware-style parties with neighborhood women. In the past there have been references to transvestite prostitutes, “penis pills,” and a burger called “The Child Molester,” which comes with a side order of candy. Language is generally mild, and has included “damn,” and “hell.” Violence is not a problem for the series.

Bob’s Burgers is not recommended for viewers under age 14.





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