God Bless the Broken Road

Network: UP TV, Up Faith & Family
Genre: Drama, Romance, Faith
Premiere Date: Mar 19, 2023
New episodes air: Sunday at 7:00 PM

Production Companies:

Producers: Stephen Afendoulis, Matt Cook, Jeremy Page, Troy Duhan, Gary Lewis


Amber suffers a crisis of faith after losing her husband in combat. Her home is in foreclosure and she is about to lose everything. Just as she is starting to grow attached to Cody, a racecar driver recently arrived to town, he crashes his car during a race and she distances herself from him so that she won't have to face another loss. In a moment of crisis, she finds her faith again.

This movie contains no sexual content, inappropriate dialogue or foul language. There is one scene depicting combat during war with gunfire exchanged. A couple of men fall in combat, but no blood is shown and the deaths are not graphic.





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