Hazbin Hotel

Network: Amazon Prime Video
Genre: Dark, Animation
Premiere Date: Jan 17, 2024
New episodes air: Sunday

Production Companies: SpindleHorse Toons

Producers: Vivienne Medrano

Creators: Vivienne Medrano

Hazbin Hotel follows Charlie Morningstar, the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith.

This MA-rated animated series may already be on your child or teen's radar, since it debuted on YouTube, where its spinoff series Helluva Boss is still available. But despite the animated format, it is decidedly not for children.

Hazbin Hotel is a complete inversion of good and evil. Lucifer’s great sin, according to the series' opening sequence, was that he was “a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation.” Lucifer and “his love,” Lilith, are punished by the angels by being cast into a dark pit and “never allowing him to see the good that came from humanity, only the cruel and the wicked,” as if Lucifer had nothing to do with introducing cruelty and wickedness into the world.

As the population of Hell grows, Heaven, we are told in the opening narration, makes a “truly heartless decision” sending an army every year to conduct an annual “extermination.” Only Charlie, the “Princess of Hell,” is concerned about the fate of these poor souls, so she tries to offer them a path to redemption.

The first episode of Hazbin Hotel contained more than 50 uses of foul language (including 22 uncensored uses of “f*k” and 12 uses of “sh*t”). Charlie’s best friend is named “Vagina,” “Vaggie” for short. The lone guest at Hazbin Hotel in the premiere episode is “Angel,” a porn star who offers to film a porn commercial to advertise the hotel. When Charlie demurs, saying she doesn’t wish to exploit Angel in that way, Angel responds, “Oh please, baby. This body was made to be exploited. I got the arms, I got the stamina, I got the legs, I got the lung capacity -- Oh-oh I got the legs, the gag reflex, the holes, the chest fluff everyone thinks are tits." In another scene, Charlie sings and dances her way through the streets of hell on her way to her meeting and peers through a window where she witnesses a dog and cat having sex while wearing bondage gear.





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