The King of Queens

Network: Peacock TV, Syndicated
Genre: Comedy

Production Companies: Hanley Productions, CBS Productions

Producers: Michael J. Weithorn, David Litt, Tony Sheehan, Kevin James, Jeff Sussman, David Bickel, Ilana Wernick, Chris Downey, Rock Reuben, Rob Schiller

Creators: Michael J. Weithorn, David Litt

Working-class guy Doug Heffernan thinks he has life figured out: he is happily married to a beautiful and successful woman, Carrie, and he loves to hang out with his guy friends, watching sports and drinking beer. With the addition of a new 70" screen television, Doug has created the ultimate male safe haven in his basement. Everything is perfect until his father-in-law invades his castle.

Carrie's father Arthur, played by "Seinfeld's" Jerry Stiller, is widowed, fiercely independent and very eccentric. Arthur refuses to move into a retirement home, but he accidentally burns his place down and must find a new place to live. Out of guilt, Carrie and Doug begrudgingly ask Arthur to move in with them.

Doug must now deal with a suddenly crowded house. His downstairs playroom has been turned into a bedroom, and he is forever dealing with Arthur's unconventional behavior. But however tense things get the loving relationship between Carrie and Doug stays strong.

The King of Queens includes several mild vulgarities and often includes jokes about Doug and Carrie's sex life. There have been entire episodes centered on sex within the context of their marriage that would make this sitcom unsuitable for children. Arthur often makes suggestive comments or sees innuendo in the ordinary things other characters say.

The series does not contain violence or visual depictions of sex.





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