Seal of Approval

Miracle in East Texas

Network: Theater Release
Genre: Comedy, Faith

Production Companies: ETO Films, LLC and Sorbo Studios

Producers: Scott Jones, Kevin Sorbo, Dan Gordon, Sam Sorbo

Creators: Written by Dan Gordon

Inspired by a true story, Kevin Sorbo (‘Doc’ Boyd) and John Ratzenberger (‘Dad’ Everett) play Bible-quoting con men in the 1930s. After being run out of Oklahoma, they set up their ‘oil rig’ scam in Texas, seducing wealthy widows and the members of the only black church in the county. But just as their plan comes to fruition, everything suddenly goes awry, and they are faced with the most important decision of their lives. Funny, engaging and uplifting, this is the incredible story of two men discovering the good that is buried within themselves.

Releases on October 29 in theaters, nationwide, for a limited time.





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