Network: CBS, Paramount+
Genre: Drama
Premiere Date: Sep 23, 2003
New episodes air: Monday at 9:00 PM

Production Companies: Belasarius Productions, Paramount Network Television Productions, and Paramount Productions

Producers: Donald P. Bellasario

Creators: Donald P. Bellisario; Don McGill

NCIS focuses on a team of special agents who investigate crimes connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Leading the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) team is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, an expert detective whose intelligence and tenacity make him a strong leader in the Navy’s fight against crime. Working under Gibbs are former Baltimore homicide detective Anthony DiNozzo, computer expert McGee, and scientist Abby Sciuto. Assisting the team is medical examiner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, who has quick wit and a vast array of knowledge. These special agents travel the globe to investigate all manner of crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties, from terrorism and theft to murder.

NCIS contains an abundance of adult content. Language for this series includes “son of a bitch,” “bastard,” “ass,” “crap,” “damn,” and “hell.” Sexual content is not as prevalent as violence, but womanizer DiNozzo often makes sexually suggestive jokes to his female coworkers with no consequences. Abby has a vast knowledge of kinky sexual fetishes and sometimes discusses them in an effort to shock her uptight boss. Some storylines have included crimes involving sex, including some nude pictures of corpses and a woman killed during an internet sex broadcast. Violence is extreme on NCIS. Typical violence includes graphic depictions of people being disemboweled, autopsy scenes, and close-ups of snipers murdering people with high-powered rifles. Recent episodes included flashbacks of bombings and shootings.

NCIS is not recommended for viewers under age 18.





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