Outer Banks

Network: Netflix
Genre: Teen Drama, Mystery
Premiere Date: Apr 15, 2020
New episodes air: Sunday

Production Companies:

Producers: Aaron Miller, Sunny Hodge, Carole Sanders Peterman

Creators: Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke

“The Outer Banks" is a Netflix series that follows a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as they search for a legendary treasure and uncover dark secrets.

John B.’s father disappeared under mysterious circumstances and social services is threatening to put him in foster care. A sunken boat carried into the marsh by a recent hurricane may hold the clue to his father’s whereabouts.

Although the series is rated TV-MA, the plot centers around the teenaged characters, which may make it attractive to teen viewers. These teens appear to have no caring adults involved in their lives. They are frequently shown drinking alcohol and engaging in dangerous, reckless behavior. Several characters use drugs throughout the series, and there are scenes depicting drug deals and drug abuse.

Violence in the series includes fights, chases, and gunfire. Some of the violence is graphic and bloody, and there are scenes of characters getting injured and killed.

Foul language is frequent and includes 504 instances of profanity across the 10 episodes of season one, including "sh*t," "d*ck," "p*ssy," and "f*ck."

There are several romantic subplots throughout the series, some of which involve characters engaging in sexual activity. These scenes are relatively mild and mostly consists of sexual dialogue, innuendo, and sexually suggestive scenes.

"Outer Banks" is not recommended for young viewers.





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