Young Sheldon

Network: CBS, Paramount+
Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-Age
New episodes air: Thursday at 8:00 PM

Production Companies: Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros. Television Studios

Producers: Timothy Marx

Creators: Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro

Young Sheldon follows Sheldon Cooper – highly intelligent though socially inept protagonist of the hit CBS series The Big Bang Theory – in his childhood years, as Sheldon goes through his first year of high school as an extremely precocious and awkward nine-year-old. As his family and the teachers deal with his gifted intelligence and lack of social skills, Sheldon gradually comes to terms with what the world will expect from him.

Most of the humor in Young Sheldon deals with his inability to properly read other people or the social situations in high school. These are further prompted by interactions he has with his sister, Missy, and brother, Georgie, both of whom are much more concerned with such things. Language is used by or around children at some points in the show, including “son of a bitch,” “hell,” and “ass.” Violence and sex are not problems for the show.

Young Sheldon is not recommended for viewers under age 14.





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